even if under contract „I don't care about Golden State,“ Tyronn Lue said. „I mean, we've got a fire lit, too. We're down 3 1. The Eagles make perfect sense. Coach Chip Kelly will tell anyone listening that the only way to get a top tier quarterback outside of the draft is to capitalize on an injury and move in. It's what he did with Sam Bradford last offseason in an experiment that has yet to completely play out.

(Image:„There's a lot of things said and written about a lot of people,“ Luck said. „But Reggie will always be one of the great Colts in my mind and a great, authentic jerseys China great teammate. You can't control what people write. If I had to compare D Mo to someone (other than Russell Crowe, who I virtually cannot tell him apart cheap basketball jerseys from China), I might go with prime Raef LaFrentz. I know that sounds funny, because most people recall Raef LaFrentz as someone who totally sucked ass, but as a younger player he had a unique skill set with pretty robust footwork, limited athleticism, cheap jerseys online and surprising shooting capabilities.

I sure there a better comparison out there waiting to be made, but LaFrentz popped into my head..

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